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Quality Control
  • Division Audits and suggestive updating
  • Food and Beverage Audits
  • Various Surprise Audits for respective Functional Areas
  • Quarterly Activity Reports
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Concept Planning and Designs
  • Feasibility Study
  • Preliminary Concept Design
  • Revision of Financial Support
  • Architect Screening
  • Legal Applications
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Internal Reporting Format
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Launch Plan.
  • Menu Trials.
  • Back-end Trial Runs
  • Operational Systems - Pre-opening Installation.
  • Communication and promotions Implementation
  • Control Systems.
  • Soft Opening and Trial Runs
  • Grand Opening
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Operations Consultancy and Management Contract
  • Operational retainer Consultancy
  • Up-gradation of Hospitality Businesses by Implementing Current and Futuristic Hospitality trends
  • Culinary Advancement and Implementation
  • Training and Development
  • Management Contract for any form of Hospitality Businesses
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Systems Planning
  • Architect & Design Selection
  • Master Planning: Cost Estimate, Suppliers, Contractors, Tenders, etc
  • Interior Design Coordination.
  • Visual Identity&branding Selection. Outsourced to an Agency after Selection.
  • PrintAgency Coordination.
  • Other Agencies Support.
  • Progress Monitoring.
  • Internal Reporting Format.
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Operational Planning
  • Human Resources - Projections and Planning.
  • Hiring Process coordination
  • Setting Up Systems for The Functioning of various areas
  • Capital Equipment Selection.
  • Cuisine & Menu Planning.
  • Kitchen Planning, Inviting Equipment Quotations and Their Evaluation & Approval.
  • Invitation of Quotations for F&B and House Keeping Services. (only for Stand alone restaurants)
  • Software Evaluation and Invitation of Quotations.
  • Initiating Progress
  • Report to the Owner